A watch is our way of keeping track of time. It helps us be on time for important meetings, life-changing experiences, and quality time with family. Our watches become a part of us and navigate us through life. That is why you should always have a good quality watch. It doesn’t matter what the brand, as long it is good quality and will give you many years of service.

Our collection includes both new and second-hand watches. Prices on certain second-hand watches are negotiable and for that reason, the prices will not appear on this website. To make a purchase or find out about prices, please contact us directly at [email protected]


Alpina – We have several Alpina models and we have both new and second-hand options.

Ball – Our Ball collection is limited to new watches. The most popular one at the moment is the Firemen Ii.

Cartier – Several models are available. The Cartier watches are very popular and go fast.

Omega – The Omega watches are great quality for the best prices. We have a small number available of both new and second-hand.

Panerai – Panerai has some great watch designs that our clients seem to love. We have a large range of Panerai watches available.

Rolex – One of our most expensive brands. We have new and second-hand watches available. We recently acquired a second-hand Rolex Daytona. It is still available.

Seiko – Seiko is one of our more affordable brands, although some models are right up there with Rolex.

Tag Heuer – We have limited stock of the Tag Heuer brand as they tend to sell very fast.


If you have trouble with your watch, we also do repairs and watch services. It doesn’t matter where you bought it or what brand. Our expert can work with any type of watch.